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Monday, June 14, 2010


We Are here Discussing about Importance Of Gifts in Relationship.

Everyone In the world Loves to getting Gifts . Specially Girls..... So Its a Golden chance for every guy to impress her Girlfriend. Its a nice way to make your relationship strong & fresh with the passage of time.
If any body new in any Relationship then its a nice way to show your feelings to your love once.

Hey... By above Mentioned Lines I m Just trying to show importance of Gifts.

That Does not mean that if someone cant afford a Costly gift then He can't express his love.
Gifts are not only means by Perfumes , Jewelry , Diamond Ring , Designer watch or Dresses at all but these are Roses , A beautiful day from the Busy Schedule , Sing her Favorite song for her/him, Cook for her/him. There are many more things that you can gift your partner or express your love.

A few Gift Ideas For Girls : Flowers , Chocolates , Perfumes , Accessories Like bracelets , Hand bags , cute teddy bear , Her Fav. book , Any dress or A Romantic Date ,

Gift Ideas For Boys : Diary , Wrist watch , Perfumes , Jeans , Collection of his Fav. movies for music , Pan Set , A Romantic Date.

So Just go ahead & buy a gift for your Sweetheart........Lets feel your partner That Howz Much You Love her/him.

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Jens P. Berget said...

To me, the most important part of gifts in a relationship are the surprises. When it's my wife's birthday, she's expecting a gift. But it's a lot more fun to give her a gift when she's not expecting it.

I try to do that as often as possible.

At other times I give her gifts when she's expecting them, but unusual gifts.

She was just in the hospital for a few days. She expected flowers, probably red roses. I bought 15 big balloons that said "I love you" and "Kiss me" etc.. and they were shaped as hearts.

She was very happy, and it seems she was a lot more happy for the balloons than she would have been if I had bought her flowers.

Sherry said...

Good post.really very useful.Got more Girlfriend Gift Ideas here.